CoolVu Franchise

Our Visionary Co-Founders’ Journey of Innovation & Collaboration

Jeff Franson and Mike Herrera have shaped the foundation of our company. Jeff, the co-founder and CEO of the parent company, FutureVu, boasts an impressive 25+ year career in the window film & graphics industry, wielding a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mike Herrera, our co-founder and President, brings a remarkable 25+ year background in franchise executive management. United by a shared vision, they joined forces to create the most innovative window film, graphics, and architectural surfaces company in the United States. Four years of intensive research paved the way for the company’s grand launch of CoolVu Franchise Concepts in January 2022. Their journey is not just a tale of individual accomplishments but a testament to the synergy that arises when passion, expertise, and innovation converge.

Meet Our Team

Mike Herrera

President and Co-Founder

From our formation in May 2021, Mike has been at the helm as our co-founder and President. Leveraging his extensive background in franchising, Mike has been instrumental in propelling our company to achieve national franchise success.

Michele Popp

Director of Franchise Support

In her current role as the Director of Franchise Support, Michele is ideally positioned to guide both new and existing franchise partners, drawing upon her extensive background to enhance the company’s support services.

Kristine Faupel

Director of Marketing

In November 2023, Kristine joined the CoolVu team, assuming the role of Director of Marketing. With a 20+year background in marketing, particularly within franchise companies, Kristine contributes her wealth of experience to elevate our marketing strategies and initiatives.

Dana Clarke

Administrative Assistant

In 2022, Dana Clarke became a valuable member of the CoolVu team, stepping in as an Administrative Assistant fielding inquiries from educational institutions, churches, and synagogues seeking enhanced security measures.

Dyann Diamond

Graphic Designer

Dyann was brought in early on to our family of companies. She is the creative force behind some of the iconic images and marketing materials that have played a pivotal role in establishing and enhancing the CoolVu brand identity.

Chris Sullivan

Western Regional Support Director

Chris assumes the vital role of Western Regional Support Director for the CoolVu franchise arm of the company. Concurrently, Chris holds the position of Senior Vice President at our affiliate company, Window Film Depot, showcasing an impressive tenure since January 1997.

Bob Bruder

Central Regional Support Director

Since February 2022, Bob has been our Central Regional Support Director, as well as one of our successful franchise partners. Bob’s history in the industry brings a wealth of business acumen to our team.

David Karle

Eastern Regional Support Director

Taking on the role of Eastern Regional Support Director since February 2022, David brings industry experience as a CoolVu franchise owner. His unique perspective further enriches our team, showcasing a valuable blend of expertise and accomplishment in the field.

Wellerson Bedin

Southeast Regional Support Director

Wellerson began his role as Southeast Regional Support Director in January 2022, bringing a wealth of experience to our team. His dual expertise in regional support and project management enriches our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Rich Luna

Franchise Development

Rich works with candidates interested in the CoolVu model, contributing to the expansion of our national footprint.

Roger Flynn

Franchise Development

With extensive experience in franchising and a long history on the development side, Roger plays a pivotal role in attracting and guiding prospective candidates to our system.

Carrie Basak

Administrative Assistant

With over a decade of experience, Carrie brings a unique perspective to her administrative role, combining her dedication to customer service with a professional attitude honed through years of client-centered care.

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