What Makes CoolVu Franchise Different?

Our home office-based and innovative window films and surface solutions provide residential, retail and commercial structures environmentally friendly solutions that matter. The CoolVu business model is a low-cost investment and simplistic business operation.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a CoolVu Franchise Partner?

As a CoolVu Franchisee Partner, you can benefit from the 25-year legacy of industry success providing quality window films, graphics and surface solutions products.

Franchisee Partners benefit from a comprehensive training program, business coaching, product development, and lead generation assistance. Other benefits of being a CoolVu franchisee partner include flexibility and managing your own schedule.

The CoolVu Team is committed to supporting the success of our franchisee partners.

How Much Money Do CoolVu Franchise Partners Make?

You might be wondering – “do franchise partners make money?” Your income will be determined based on the number of jobs completed weekly, monthly and annually and the price of those projects.

In 2023, the CoolVu FDD stated the average Job Invoice was $2,701.42.  Nearly 46% of franchise territories were above this average in the same year. Franchisees average job closing percentage was 57%. Please refer to Item 19 in CoolVu FDD.

How Much Is the CoolVu Initial Franchise Fee?

The Initial Franchise Fee is $19,900 for franchisees who pay the Initial Franchise Fee up front. Without in-house financing with CoolVu, the Initial Franchise Fee is reduced by 25% to $14,925 if paid in full.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a CoolVu Franchise?

The cost to start a CoolVu franchise may range from $55,000 – $100,000.

CoolVu Franchise has in-house financing options available to qualifying individuals.

Does CoolVu Franchise Offer Veterans Financing Incentives?

The $19,900 CoolVu Initial Franchise Fee is waived for all veterans, providing them a lower initial investment with no minimum net worth requirement.

Does CoolVu Franchise Offer Women & Minorities Financing Incentives?

Women and minorities looking for a low-cost franchise opportunity need look no further – CoolVu Franchise offers 50% off the initial franchise fee for women and minority-run businesses. CoolVu’s Initial Franchise Fee for women and minority individuals is $9,950 with in-house financing available to qualifying individuals. The IFF can be reduced by 25% to $7,463 if paid in full up-front.

Does CoolVu Franchise Offer First Responder Financing Incentives?

First Responders looking for a low-cost franchise opportunity need look no further – CoolVu Franchise offers a 50% reduction off the initial franchise fee for First Responders. CoolVu’s Initial Franchise Fee for First Responders individuals is $9,950 with in-house financing available to qualifying individuals and reduced by 25% to $7,463 if paid in full.

How Do CoolVu Franchise Territories Work?

CoolVu franchisee partners receive a protected territory in which to conduct your business. The territory will include a minimum of 70,000 owner-occupied units, 1,500 retail businesses, and 1,500 commercial structures. CoolVu Territories are configured by contiguous zip codes that meet minimum demographics requirements.

A single territory fee is $40,000. If you decide to purchase additional territories at the same time as your first (you need our approval to do so), the additional territory’s fee will be $30,000 for the second and $20,000 for the third.

Does CoolVu Franchise Offer Territorial Protection?

Yes, Franchisee Partners are granted the right to operate exclusively within their territory.

Finally, with CoolVu Franchise’s protected territories, you as a franchise partner receive peace of mind and can better control your franchise growth development in your local market.

How To Finance My CoolVu Franchise Business?

CoolVu Franchise offers in-house financing options to qualified individuals. Franchisees have the option to apply for Small Business Administration loans, 401k rollovers, or ROBs to help fund your CoolVu Franchise business startup costs.

CoolVu Franchise also offers financing incentives for veterans, women & minorities, and first responders.

How Do CoolVu Franchisees Generate Leads?

At CoolVu, we are committed to supporting the success of our CoolVu franchisees, and we offer built-in franchise lead generation assistance to all of our partners. Franchise leads are sourced from contact forms on franchise local landing pages on coolvu.com website. CoolVu has also invested in over 125 additional lead capture pages. A local lead generation “Play Book” is developed for franchisee partners to implement in their local markets.

What Experience Do I Need to Become a CoolVu Franchise Owner?

Franchisees need no prior business experience to become a CoolVu Franchise owner. To start, all you need is to share CoolVu Franchise’s common values; passion for leadership, an eye for detail, and good business sense.

What Kind of Franchisee Training and Support is Offered?

CoolVu offers comprehensive franchisee training and support to all franchise partners. Our one-week, comprehensive franchisee training program provides franchise partners with sales, product and installation education through workshops as well as hands-on experience, so you can leave confident that you know how to start a franchise successfully.

CoolVu’s expert training staff has over 100 years of business and industry experience.

Can Franchisees Work From a Home Office?

CoolVu Franchisees have the opportunity to comfortably and flexibly work from home. Our franchise partners sell and install in their local territory, operating from home offices – you can start a franchise with no brick and mortar location required.

Additionally, the CoolVu Franchise business model also allows franchise partners to make their own schedules and delegate work as they see fit.

Do I Need Experience to Start a CoolVu Franchise?

No, individuals who want to open a CoolVu franchise do not have to have any prior experience or qualifications. Our franchisees come from a number of different backgrounds, experiences, and industries – what makes them all alike is their commitment to servicing their community with quality window solutions.

Our comprehensive, one-week training program will provide you with everything you will need to learn how to start a franchise, and you can count on continued support from CoolVu experts as you embark on your franchise business journey with CoolVu.

How Long Does It Take To Start a Franchise With CoolVu?

From your initial inquiry into becoming a CoolVu franchise partner to the end of our in-person franchisee training, where you’ll meet with our expert team of industry professionals, it takes about 30-45 days to open your doors as a CoolVu Franchise Partner.

How Do I Become a CoolVu Franchise Owner?

Wondering how to become a franchise owner? Join the CoolVu Franchise family and join our team of successful franchise owner.

Start your journey to becoming a CoolVu Franchise owner by filling out our form to request additional information. Next, you’ll schedule a call with a CoolVu representative to discuss the basic requirements and territory details. You’ll then receive and review the Franchise Disclosure Document.

The final step to becoming a successful CoolVu franchise owner is to submit the application and be approved to execute the franchise agreement.

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