Architectural Films

Solar Control Window Films

Solar control window films for homes and businesses are a proven, low-cost upgrade to existing window and door glass with exceptional long term benefits. CoolVu window films are optically clear, block 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays and reduce the sun’s heat coming through windows.

CoolVu’s proprietary Transitional Window Films adapt to the sun’s intensity and darken when exposed to direct sunlight providing for perfect sun control when needed most.

Maintain views, lower air conditioning costs and improve interior comfort with the installation of CoolVu solar control window films.

Architectural Films

School Security Window Films

Protect students and teachers with a retrofit installation of safety and security window film. CoolVu’s security window films are designed to make glass safer.

Available in a multitude of thicknesses, security films are installed on the interior of existing window and door glass, creating a ‘clear shield’ barrier to intruders.

Appropriate for elementary schools, high schools, and college campuses, security window films help delay forced entry into school buildings.

Architectural Films

Privacy & Decorative Films

CoolVu offers an extensive array of frosted privacy film and architectural glass finish options for clients of every type.

Homeowners love the versatility of CoolVu’s designer privacy film products for bathrooms, shower glass doors, basement and garage windows.

Businesses love the unlimited design opportunities available with economical finishes to renovate and enhance conference rooms, glass walls and office partitions.

CoolVu’s customization program is enabled by its centralized in-house, design, high-definition printing and advanced plotting capabilities. Glass has never looked so great!

Architectural Films

Wall Murals & Graphics

For commercial properties and campus, every surface can tell your brand story with the application of custom wall murals and commercial graphics available from CoolVu.

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with logos, environmental graphics, hero-walls and more with the installation of custom printed and installed solutions.

Homeowners love the versatility of CoolVu’s printable graphics and wallpaper to easily transform rooms into an expression of their personality and unique style.

Perfect for decorating your kid’s rooms and designed to easily remove and refresh when tastes mature over time.

Architectural Films

Window Graphics & Prints

Storefront windows, campus skyways and lobby glass are great opportunities to market your business and passions to the world.

CoolVu’s perforated window film products allow for one-way vision from the interior while providing for amazing opportunities to promote your brand story.

Customizable to your unique style, take your message to the next level by leveraging the window and door glass at your property as a billboard for your services.

CoolVu can take any photograph, logo or image file and convert it into a printable film to be applied on walls or glass surfaces enhancing the space around your home or business.

Architectural Films

Architectural Finishes

Renovate and refresh any surface with one of thousands of ‘peel, form and stick’ architectural surface films available from CoolVu.

Available in wood grain, stone, metallic or matte finishes, the opportunity to update your space economically is endless.

Improve the appearance of elevator interiors or doors at a fraction of the cost of replacement in an eco-friendly way.

Delight schools, hotels, hospitals and office space with luxurious looking resurfacing products quickly and at budget that impresses.

Architectural Films

Switchable Smart Glass Films

Create a ‘wow’ factor for your space with the application of CoolVu switchable smart film. These ‘privacy on demand’ retrofit film products are perfect for flex-office space, conference rooms, hospitals, classrooms, and other building environments where dynamic use of space is in high demand.

Architects and design-build professionals love the flexibility that these smart films provide.

Beyond the dynamic privacy benefits of smart films, space planners can turn any glass wall into a projection screen that impresses clients and the bottom line!

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