CoolVu Franchise Honors Military Veterans with Two Year $2M Commitment

CoolVu Glass & Surface Solutions, an elite provider of residential and commercial architectural window film, surface enhancements and graphics, has committed investing $2 million to cover the franchise fees for veteran-owned franchises over a two-year period. This endeavor reflects on CoolVu’s dedication to providing military veterans with a viable career path after their service has come to an end, an ongoing struggle many outgoing members of the military face as they reassimilate into civilian life.

Military veterans do not need to meet a net worth requirement in order to become a CoolVu Franchisee, and will pay zero in franchise fees. This opportunity allows veterans to transition into a new, worthwhile career while remaining independent and in control. Likewise, veterans can continue serving their community by providing solutions that help their neighbors conserve energy, enhance their environment, and protect themselves and their property.

CoolVu supports all franchise owners with technology, training, and a business model that has garnered proven, measurable success. Additionally, CoolVu supports First-Responders by offering 50% off franchise fees when they launch their own CoolVu franchise.

“At CoolVu, we know veterans and first-responders are uniquely suited for roles that call for leadership and teamwork,” said Mike Herrera, President of CoolVu. “They have so much to offer, and we’re honored for the opportunity to help them thrive in civilian life.”

Veterans are ideal candidates for entrepreneurial opportunities for a number of reasons. In addition to leadership and teamwork, they are known for their strong work ethic, ability to handle stressful situations, self-direction and motivation, diversity and inclusion, and their proven code of ethics and core values.

Currently, CoolVu is home to three veteran franchisees, representing veterans from the United States Marine Corps and the US Navy with territories in Birmingham Southeast, Charlotte Southeast, and Overland Park. More are actively being recruited. CoolVu challenges other businesses to seek veterans for leadership positions and tailor opportunities to help them find professional and financial success following their years of service.

CoolVu is a subsidiary of FutureVu Brands, Inc, a business platform created to develop, acquire, and support exceptional brand growth. Window Film Depot, Impact Security, CoolVu AutoSpa and LVW are additional brands operated under the FutureVu Brands umbrella, led by CEO, Jeff Franson.

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Founded by leading industry veterans, the CoolVu Franchise opportunity is the manifestation of 25 years of unparalleled success in the residential and commercial architectural film, surface enhancement, and graphics business. CoolVu founders are responsible for over 50,000 installations of specialty products in homes, buildings, and storefronts throughout all 50 states, having tackled some of the most impressive and difficult architectural film & graphics projects ever completed in the US. Learn more about CoolVu.


Fall in Love with Privacy Window Films

Regardless if you’re hosting an event, engaging in classified discussions or you need to disconnect from the outside noise, installing privacy window films on your existing windows and glass panes is a great solution at an affordable cost.  With our wide variety of customizable CoolVu window films, customers are beyond satisfied with our window films functionality. As one of the most coveted window films on the market, privacy window films allow for unobstructed architectural beauty with the benefit of added privacy. With the ability to customize the appearance of their glass, CoolVu customers are in complete control when our switchable smart glass window film is installed with a flick of a switch, a dimmer, and even a phone app.An image of a partial privacy window film covering the inside of a building’s conference room.

Privacy window films are a necessity for so many people in a variety of situations as they combine style with functionality to create privacy from the outside. Frosted films not only provide privacy, but they also promote  creative and architectural design. Homeowners are in love with the ability CoolVu’s privacy window films provides for their shower doors, garage, windows, and glass surfaces. Additionally, businesses love the unlimited design opportunities available with economical finishes to renovate and enhance conference rooms, glass walls, and office partitions. With an array of custom glass finishes, your customers are sure to fall in love with our  privacy window films because they are easy to customize, install and use.

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Make Your Commercial Customers Happy with Architectural Surface Films

In order to have a long-lasting impression on clients or guests, a business must be ready to make an outstanding first impression, but how? Customers know the importance of design and how it impacts an onlooker’s psyche. With CoolVu’s architectural surface films, commercial customers can choose from a wide variety of design options from renovating or resurfacing the appearance of plain, boring glass windows and walls. Our simple peel, form, and stick architectural surface films are available in wood grain, stone, metallic or matte finishes, providing an economical solution to redecorating and redefining the interior of commercial buildings.Commercial office space with a wood grain wall

Architectural surface films have the power to improve, transform and reinvent the appearance of dull interiors inside homes and offices at a fraction of the cost, architectural window films protect original walls and are easily removable.

Grant customers the ability to elevate the interior of their buildings with CoolVu’s architectural surface films.

By owning your own CoolVu franchise, you will be provided with the initial training and coaching needed to succeed in the expanding window film industry. Seize the franchise opportunity with us and work from home with protected territories, receive a flat royalty, gain access to a CoolVu PRO tablet with software, as well as the added benefits of:

  • $62,000-$107,000 investment including working capital
  • Owner-operator and executive model
  • Exclusive products
  • Residential and commercial customers
  • Initial training, field support, business coaching, product development, marketing, and lead generation assistance

For 30 years, the founders at CoolVu have sold and installed over $100,000,000 worth of high-quality products to clients all over the continental United States. With the experience and understanding to satisfy customers of all kinds, including commercial and residential owners. For more information about the products and services offered by CoolVu or to inquire about our franchise opportunities, visit us online today!