Fall in Love with Privacy Window Films

An image of a partial privacy window film covering the inside of a building’s conference room.

Regardless if you’re hosting an event, engaging in classified discussions or you need to disconnect from the outside noise, installing privacy window films on your existing windows and glass panes is a great solution at an affordable cost.  With our wide variety of customizable CoolVu window films, customers are beyond satisfied with our window films functionality. As one of the most coveted window films on the market, privacy window films allow for unobstructed architectural beauty with the benefit of added privacy. With the ability to customize the appearance of their glass, CoolVu customers are in complete control when our switchable smart glass window film is installed with a flick of a switch, a dimmer, and even a phone app.

Privacy window films are a necessity for so many people in a variety of situations as they combine style with functionality to create privacy from the outside. Frosted films not only provide privacy, but they also promote  creative and architectural design. Homeowners are in love with the ability CoolVu’s privacy window films provides for their shower doors, garage, windows, and glass surfaces. Additionally, businesses love the unlimited design opportunities available with economical finishes to renovate and enhance conference rooms, glass walls, and office partitions. With an array of custom glass finishes, your customers are sure to fall in love with our  privacy window films because they are easy to customize, install and use.

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