Impress Clients with Switchable Smart Glass Film

Offices or conference rooms with glass walls imbue a feeling of openness. Whether the environment is business-oriented, medical, or educational, these glass walls partition off space without creating a feeling of division.

Instead, they allow for a separate, quiet space when one is needed.

There may be moments when the see-through nature of glass is not ideal. Exchanges that are emotional or highly personal where extra privacy is needed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just flip a switch and turn your glass walls into real walls?

Fortunately, you can.

Help your clients maintain dynamic spaces with flexible privacy options by offering the installation of switchable smart glass films. This type of window film is versatile, adaptable, and perfect for many applications including:

  • Flex-Office Space
  • Office Conference Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Classrooms

How does switchable smart glass film work?

Switchable smart glass film is a form of technology that enables clear glass to transform into frosted glass. This solid, frosted glass provides more privacy by preventing the glass from being see-through. The film is adhered to existing glass and connected to a wall switch or controller that allows you to turn it on and off when more privacy is needed.

Can anyone install switchable smart glass films?

Having a professional install this type of film makes a difference. In order to ensure the utmost quality, performance, and durability, it is strongly recommended that a professional window tinting specialist (that means you!) installs this film. As a CoolVu Franchisee you have the ability to offer your clients worthwhile products that are flawlessly installed.

Why should you offer switchable smart glass films to your clients?

The short answer is because it is exactly what so many people are looking for in commercial and even residential spaces. But here are a few more benefits to consider:

  • Give privacy on demand with switchable smart glass films
  • Turn any glass wall into a projection screen
  • Provide flexible options for architects and design-build professionals
  • Make the most of any space with glass partitions that can be easily transformed

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