The Top 5 Jobs for Free Spirits & Why You Should Consider Owning a Franchise

Franchise-Ownership is a Top Career Choice for Free Spirits

Franchise-Ownership is a Top Career Choice for Free Spirits

Free spirits are known as people that act without worrying about typical social rules. These non-conformists aren’t attached to traditional ways of life, opting for alternative pathways through their relationships, decisions, and careers.

Some may stereotype free spirits as lazy; the truth is far to the contrary. There are several jobs where the unique abilities of free spirits allow them to excel in the field, making them ideal candidates for these positions. Read on to discover some of the top job choices for free spirits, and learn why becoming a franchise-owner is an appealing option.

Top 5 Jobs for Free Spirits

These are just a few of the top jobs for free spirits. Each of these career paths offers extensive opportunities for free spirits to thrive, allowing for opportunities to travel, network, express themselves, and more.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are self-employed professionals who are hired to write any variety of written content for clients. While some freelance writers focus on working in specific fields, such as marketing or travel, others are generalists. Alternatively, some freelance writers may specialize in a specific type of writing, such as technical writing or educational content.

One popular career path for freelance writers is becoming a blogger — freelance writers who focus on creating blog content. Bloggers can work on a variety of blog content, from personal blogs to contracts with both smaller clients and large corporate organizations.

Whatever the work, the work of a freelance writer may include drafting content, editing for grammar, adhering to a client’s style guide, and incorporating images. Freelance writers also have to ensure they have clients to support their income; in turn, part of the job includes networking for new clients and pitching additional content to existing clients.

Being a freelance position, the financial stability of working as a freelance writer often fluctuates. A lack of consistent income — alongside the difficulty of finding new clients within more stagnant business periods — can make freelance writing a stressful career choice for free spirits looking for a more stable path.


Photographers are professionals that get paid to take pictures using a camera. They can capture any number of subjects; photographers can be generalists or specialists for people, food, events, landscapes, concerts, and more. Popular specializations for photographers include wedding photographers, commercial advertisers, creators of fine art, and headshot photographers.

Becoming a photographer is appealing for free spirits due to both career flexibility and extensive travel opportunities. Photographers may work for a specific company, such as an advertising agency, or run their own studio. Either way, photographers have flexibility to pursue different opportunities and switch between full-time employment and freelance work. Whatever means of employment, working as a photographer is often inherently tied to travel, leading to exciting opportunities outside of typical comfort zones.

Much like freelance writers, freelance photographers struggle with consistent income and reliable revenue. Typically, photographers also have to pay for their own equipment and software — meaning entering the photography space often takes a sizable personal investment unattainable for some free spirits.

Interior Designer

At their core, interior designers make indoor spaces livable. They do this through a wide swath of strategies, such as choosing color themes, meeting building requirements, ordering furniture, and designing floor-plans, while achieving essential goals of functionality, aesthetic beauty, safety, and cost efficiency. Collaboration is also key to being an interior designer, ensuring that they deliver the specific style their client is looking for.

Free spirits may enjoy this job for its diverse responsibilities and variance in what types of interior spaces clients will look for. Every new project represents a unique, exciting challenge, relieving the monotony of a desk job. Interior designers also communicate with diverse types of clientele, leading to meeting interesting, new people nearly every day on the job.

Unfortunately, this diversity of responsibilities can also make working as an interior designer an incredibly stressful career path. Juggling so much is extremely time-consuming, leading to extensive work hours that may dissuade free spirits. Additionally, problematic clients may expect interior perfection at a budget price; building a pool of reliable, collaborative clientele can take years.

Travel Nurse

Travel nurses are nurses that take temporary nursing positions within high-need facilities and healthcare organizations facing staffing shortages. Travel nurses handle all the responsibilities of typical nurses — including assessing patient conditions, recording medical info, and administering medicine — without the long-term employment within a single hospital system.

Becoming a travel nurse is an ideal career path for free spirits looking to explore new places with a steady income; traveling across the country is a necessity for the position. Additionally, travel nurses get to experience the healthcare industry across the United States, leading to interesting new perspectives they wouldn’t gain from working in a single hospital.

With so much travel, however, working as a travel nurse can be exhausting. Rarely can travel nurses call one place home; their job inherently forces them to uproot and move multiple times a year. Travel nurses also require extensive education before becoming registered, making this a difficult career to break into for free spirits trying to switch careers sooner rather than later.


Franchise-owners are entrepreneurs who run a business that is part of a larger, branded network of businesses. There are several steps to buying a franchise; ultimately, a franchise-owner will end up with their own flexible business to run on their own terms. In turn, becoming a franchise-owner is an excellent career path for free spirits.

Why Becoming a CoolVu Franchise-Owner is the Best Job for Free Spirits

Why Becoming a CoolVu Franchise-Owner is the Best Job for Free Spirits

Out of all the options above — amongst numerous other jobs— becoming a franchise-owner is a top career choice for free spirits. CoolVu offers flexible, approachable franchise opportunities ideal for all candidates — especially free spirits.  Here are just a few of the benefits that make becoming a franchise-owner such an appealing option.

Meet New People

Free spirits love to meet exciting new people. A key to any franchise is bringing in business, and free spirits can interact with a diverse array of people to build up their clientele. Every project presents an invigorating new opportunity to make fresh connections and collaborate.

CoolVu franchisees don’t have to find customers alone. Our team is committed to the success of our CoolVu franchisees, offering built in lead generation assistance to all of our partners. These leads are sourced through contact forms via franchise local landing pages found on our main website, Additionally, we offer a local lead generation “Play Book” — developed for franchisee partners to implement in their specific local markets.

Whether through personal networking or the CoolVu network, being a CoolVu franchisee extends natural opportunities for new interactions.

Flexible, Work From Home Hours

Many free spirits feel constrained by the rigidity of a typical office setting. CoolVu offers extensive work from home possibilities for free spirits looking to break away from a typical desk set-up — without sacrificing revenue or flexibility.

All of our franchise partners operate from offices of their choosing, and sell and install in their local territory. No brick and mortar location is necessary — leading to the majority of our franchises working from home.

Our model also allows for flexible hours from work from home spaces. Franchisees can operate their business on their own time, in their own space.

Increased Financial Stability

Some job opportunities for free spirits, such as becoming a freelance writer or photographer, lack the financial stability associated with other career paths. Owning a franchise offers a more consistent flow of income — especially when working with the CoolVu team.

Your income as a CoolVu franchisee is directly tied to the number of jobs completed — whether, weekly, monthly, or annually — and the price of those projects. In 2023 the CoolVu FDD stated the average price of a job approval was $2,979.19.  The same study found that 36% of franchisees were at or above this average in the same year.

CoolVu franchisees also enter into a rapidly expanding field. According to Grandview Research, the United States window & film market size was priced at $2.8 billion in 2021. This size is only set to increase; from 2024 to 2030, the industry is expected to grow at a compound rate of 4.1%.

Opportunities for Any Experience Level

Many careers for free spirits, such as travel nursing and interior design, have high barriers of entry. Becoming a franchise owner with CoolVu offers franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs of any experience level — including first-time business-owners.

To start with CoolVu, all you need is to share our common values, being:

  • Passion for leadership
  • Eye for detail
  • Good business sense

We pride ourselves on recruiting franchisees from different backgrounds, experiences, and industries, with added incentives for veterans, first responders, women, and minorities. Our unparalleled training program will ensure you’re ready to operate by the time it’s time to get your business up and running.

Become a Franchise-Owner with the CoolVu National Network

Become a Franchise-Owner with the CoolVu National Network

Working as a CoolVu franchise-owner offers many of the benefits that free spirits seek in their career. With training for candidates of all experience levels, free spirits looking for a new career choice will find immense utility by working with our team. Contact us today and start your journey to becoming a franchise-owner today.

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