Stay Cool with Solar Control Window Films

Exterior of a glass enclosed patio with solar control window film.

It is human nature to want the best of both worlds.

We want to eat delicious food without gaining weight.

We want to have exciting experiences without the fear of getting injured.

And we want to spend time in nature while maintaining a bug-free, temperature-controlled environment.

Is that too much to ask?

The reality is that we can’t control everything, and we can’t live life without a little bit of risk.

The key is to achieve balance.

What does any of this have to do with solar control window films? Solar control window films bring balance to any environment. Personal and professional.

As a CoolVu franchisee, you can offer your clients solar control window films to balance their environment.

This window film is optically clear which means you can see through it just like a normal window. You can enable your clients to maintain their view into the world around them, opening up their perspective to include calming or interesting moments in nature like a bird flying by or the trees swaying in the breeze.

You have access to the CoolVu’s proprietary Transitional Window Films that adapts to the lives of your clients. Although it is completely clear, it manages to block 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. The presence of this film also vastly minimizes the heat that comes through windows when the sun is blaring down outside.

Solar control windows are versatile and can be installed in residential and commercial settings.

This is a low-cost upgrade that homes and businesses alike can benefit from having installed. Not only will it lower air conditioning costs, but it will also improve the overall interior comfort of your space.

Whether your clients are stuck in the office or stuck at home, they don’t have to be stuck looking at drywall. Help them make the most of the spaces they are in.

The franchise opportunity available through CoolVu provides you with independence and flexibility along with the support you need to succeed. Visit our website to learn more about the difference solar control window films can make for your clients!

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