Top 3 things to consider when looking at a window tinting franchise

CoolVu is an architectural window film, graphics, and surface finishes franchise servicing both the residential and commercial markets. Home-office based and with an investment level of less than $100,000, CoolVu offers its entrepreneurial partners proprietary products and protected territories to help them excel in a booming energy, design and security retrofit products industry.

Horsepower: “Chief Energy Officer”

Who is driving the window tinting franchise opportunity you are considering?

Every business is hard. Without a clear vision, resilience and proven leadership under fire, long-term success is nearly impossible. At CoolVu, our Founder, Jeff Franson is regarded as an all-time leader in the space having started in the industry after graduating from Boston College in 1994. After two plus decades at the top of the retail window film and graphics world as Founder and CEO of industry leader Window Film Depot, Jeff decided on a new vision to pursue with his Team.

Jeff Franson | LinkedIn

“The window film and graphics business has been amazing to me and my family. We’ve experienced periods of significant ups and downs in this industry over the past 30 years and have learned a ton. We’ve worked on projects in every US State and beyond and have installed on every type of project imaginable. As a Board member of the IWFA, I’ve been in the decision-making corners of the industry fighting for customers and helping press for needed industry improvements. After two decades and over 50,000 completed installations across the US, it was time for a new challenge – and the opportunity to create a national franchise was clear. My true passions are to coach and train, and I love the nature of the business we are in. We offer products that matter to people, and we install solutions that improve lives. We beautify homes and businesses and help people save energy and money on utilities while reducing carbon footprints. We secure communities by protecting retailers and schools by making glass safer from forced entry and ballistic attack. We enjoy real, tangible results every day and that’s rewarding and meaningful. All of this experience has been distilled down into the vision for the local CoolVu operator. It’s exciting driving the CoolVu plan and we’re having a blast executing and sharing this growing opportunity with our new CoolVu franchisees”

Jeff Franson | LinkedIn

Leadership – Who’s guiding the ship?

What is the track record of leadership’s success in franchising?

Mike Herrera, CFE | LinkedIn

It’s often said that it takes a minimum 10 years of solid experience before anyone can be considered an expert at anything. At CoolVu, we agree. Entrepreneurial franchisors are opportunistic, but it can be a double-edged sword. When they run across a new business that they recognize has great margins, a low cost of entry and is underserved by local providers, often, they jump in without really understanding the critical nuances of operating the business from a tactical level over the long term. Do these newcomers have the field experience ‘doing the work’ needed to be successful in the space? Do they know how to run the business in a downturn? Which products and selling markets to pivot to? Really, how could they? At CoolVu, our leadership has over $100,000,000 of window film and graphics sales success as its foundation and has been a leader in home office-based franchise services for decades. Mike Herrera, President of CoolVu, has been an award-winning performer in the franchise space for over 20 years having help build some of the most impressive franchise brands in existence today.

“Franchising our CoolVu brand was a natural extension of our 30-year track record in business and an idea in development for over 10 years. We have amazing products that people love and a market that is constantly evolving to meet consumer demand. We have no doubt that with hard work and by executing our system, our CoolVu branded franchisees will enjoy a similar amazing journey as a partner with us. The opportunity to build an asset and enjoy long term financial stability as a CoolVu business owner is substantial. Our executive model allows the most entrepreneurial franchisees the ability to grow multi territory businesses with a full staff of operators and sales reps. What makes CoolVu most special? Leadership’s vast experience in the space is simply unmatched and is a true competitive advantage for our CoolVu franchise partners. When prospects do their homework, this fact becomes self-evident and is a very important step in the consideration process for individuals looking at a window tinting and graphics franchise.”

Mike Herrera, CFE | LinkedIn

Opportunity Profile – 3 businesses in one!

Other than window tinting, what other services are available to profit from as a CoolVu franchise?

Without question, a disciplined and well-run window tinting franchise can stand alone and be a successful local business. However, the CoolVu opportunity is much more than a window tinting franchise alone. Window tinting is only one of many services provided by a CoolVu franchise to customers in their local territories. The CoolVu opportunity is really three businesses in one, offering in-demand solutions to both the commercial and the residential markets.

The first category of offerings – window films – includes window tinting, transitional window films, window frosting, security films, crystal glass finishes and glass enhancement laminates of all types. In short, CoolVu window film products ‘make glass better’ and enhance the security, energy ratings and privacy of all glass surfaces from lobby glass to skylights, great room windows to office conference room glass.

The second category of product offerings from CoolVu include the full spectrum of printed and plottable commercial graphics solutions. CoolVu customers love to decorate their walls and other surfaces with hero images, wayfinding, nature scene, printable wallpaper, and custom murals. As a CoolVu franchise, you’ll never need to own a commercial printer or other expensive equipment, but rather, enjoy a complete outsourced solution provided by CoolVu Corporate’s in-house design and production Team.

The third category of offerings from CoolVu are the amazing surface fusion films that are all the rage in the interior design and architectural community. Surface fusion films are ‘peel, stick and form’ architectural vinyl’s that mimic the look and feel of natural and organic materials. Hundreds of unique wood grain, stone, matte, marble, metallic and leather finishing films give any flat surface a refreshed and modern look that is a true WOW factor that design-build professionals love. As a CoolVu franchise owner, you’ll economically refresh environments with cutting edge materials while helping to keep building materials out of landfills.

As a CoolVu franchises, you’ll learn how to present, offer, sell, and install a wide array of window film, commercial graphics and architectural surface finishes to both residential and commercial clients in your protected territory. You’ll be known as a valuable resource locally for high-end designer inspired solutions that are economical and environmentally friendly.

A long-term track record of unmatched industry performance, proven leadership in the franchise space and the opportunity to sell a wide array of innovative, in – demand solutions to many customer types make the CoolVu window tinting franchise opportunity stand out from the pack. In fact, as you ‘look under the hood”, you’ll see that window tinting is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to CoolVu, it’s dedicated Team and the help and support you’ll receive as you build your next chapter in pursuit of greater personal freedom.

Bonus Question: What happens day 1 after CoolVu franchise training?

As a CoolVu franchisee, you’ll have completed a thorough sales and installation training on all things window films, commercial graphics, and architectural surface finishes. Better still, as part of your franchise fee, you’ll receive the CoolVu “Launch Package”. In this customized start-up package, you’ll get the CoolVu Pro operating software on an iPad Pro, CoolVu’s branded sales and professional marketing tools, product installation tools, and a stock of inventory tailored to selling and installing in your territory. With the CoolVu “Launch Package” and with day-to-day guidance from one of our 4 regional business coaches, you can start selling and profiting immediately upon your return from training to your protected CoolVu territory. Most importantly, you’ll have the field support, leadership, branded CoolVu product portfolio and horsepower behind you needed to excel.

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