CoolVu Franchise Financing Options
 to Kick-Start Your Investment

Financing a franchise is a big decision to make. CoolVu is proud to be one of the top window treatments franchises with in-house financing available. Our goal is to make franchise financing options easily accessible for motivated, goal-driven individuals, like you, who want to start their own window film and treatments venture with our business model.

When financing a franchise business, you’ll want to know about the total investment that will go into your business. Take a look at the total overall financial investment into a CoolVu franchise business and what is needed to support ongoing expenses related to your CoolVu Franchise outside of revenue earned.

Because of our commitment to making CoolVu an accessible franchise opportunity, we are proud to offer a multitude of financing options available, including in-house franchise financing of our Initial Franchise Fee. However, in-house financing is not applicable to CoolVu’s Territory Fees.

Fees & Investment Requirements
 to Open a CoolVu Franchise

Initial Franchise Fee $19,900
Franchise Territory Fee $40,000
Second Territory Fee $30,000
Third & Subsequent Territory Fee $20,000
Required Working Capital $10,000 — $20,000
Total Overall Investment* $63,000 — $111,000

*Total overall franchise investments encompass the Initial Franchise Fee and Territory Fees which all potential franchisees are subject to.

CoolVu Franchise

Franchise Financing Options and Incentives Available

Thinking about financing your franchise? Learn about CoolVu’s franchise financing options and incentives.

In-house franchise financing with CoolVu is available, however, if you want to finance the cost of the CoolVu Initial Franchise Fee but do not wish to do so with us, there are other options available. CoolVu franchisees can also look into SBA franchise financing and 401k franchise financing to fund their franchise.

CoolVu is proud to waive the initial franchise fees for military veterans and provide a significant reduction on initial fees to first responders.

Need Financing for Your New Franchise?
Explore CoolVu’s In-House Franchise Financing Options

Billy Phillips
U.S. Navy, CoolVu of Fort Mill & Charlotte

In-House Franchise Financing Incentives for Veterans

CoolVu is proud to waive the Initial Franchise Fee for veterans who wish to take part in starting a CoolVu window film and tinting franchise business. Qualifying honorably discharged veterans & their spouses who provide a copy of the applicable DD Form 214 pay $0 in CoolVu’s Initial Franchise Fees. However, CoolVu’s Franchise Territory fees apply.

CoolVu Franchise supports the U.S. military and its veterans; however, it is not officially connected to or endorsed by the
U.S. Department of Defense or any of its branches.

Lucas & Kasey Maldonado
CoolVu of Southern Oregon & Portland South

Women, Minorities, and First Responders In-House Franchise Financing Options

Current & former first responders (firefighters, police officers, military reservists, EMTs), women, and minority franchise applicants will receive 50% off of our Initial Franchise Fee, bringing it to $9,950.

If paid in full up-front, a 25% price reduction is applied, further reducing the Initial Franchise Fee for women, minorities, and first responders to $7,463. If financing your franchise’s Initial Franchise Fee in-house with CoolVu, first responders, women, and minority CoolVu Franchise partners will pay an additional fee of $310 for 36 months.

In-House Franchise Financing Options & Fee Incentives Explained

In-house financing of the $19,900 CoolVu Initial Franchise Fee is available to all qualifying franchisees. If you decide against CoolVu franchise’s in-house financing and choose to pay the Initial Franchise Fee in full up-front, you will receive a 25% reduction in price, bringing the Initial Franchise Fee down to $14,925.

Unless you choose to finance in-house with us, the Initial Franchise Fee is due at the time that your CoolVu Franchise Agreement is signed. If you do decide on financing your franchise’s Initial Franchise Fee of $19,900 in-house with CoolVu, you will pay an additional $350 fee over 72 months.

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