Commercial cleaning companies use CoolVu to enhance core offerings

A janitorial cleaning company can expand its services to include window tinting and architectural surface finishes in the following ways:

1. Training and Certification:

The janitorial cleaning company can invest in training its staff or hiring specialized professionals who are trained and certified in window tinting and architectural surface finishes. This ensures that the company has the necessary expertise to provide high-quality installations and finishes.

2. Partnership or Subcontracting:

If the company doesn’t have the resources or expertise to handle window tinting and architectural surface finishes in-house, it can consider partnering with or subcontracting to specialized window film and architectural finish companies. This allows the janitorial cleaning company to offer these services to clients without the need for extensive investments in training and equipment.

3. Equipment and Tools:

Acquiring the required equipment and tools for window tinting and architectural surface finishes is essential. The company needs to invest in items such as window film application tools, cutting tools, cleaning supplies, and any specialized equipment needed for surface finishes, such as sprayers or rollers. Having the right equipment ensures efficient and professional installations.

4. Marketing and Promotion:

The janitorial cleaning company should update its marketing materials, website, and service offerings to reflect the addition of window tinting and architectural surface finishes. This includes creating informative brochures, showcasing before and after photos, and highlighting the benefits and features of these services. It’s also essential to communicate with existing clients and prospects about the expanded service offerings.

5. Client Education and Consultation:

Janitorial cleaning companies can provide added value by educating clients about the benefits and options available with window tinting and architectural surface finishes. This includes conducting consultations to assess clients’ needs, explaining different film types and finishes, and recommending the most suitable solutions based on factors like privacy, energy efficiency, design preferences, and budget.

6. Maintenance and Repair Services:

In addition to installations, the janitorial cleaning company can offer maintenance and repair services for window films and architectural finishes. This includes periodic cleaning, removal, replacement, or repair of damaged films or finishes. By providing comprehensive services, the company can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of these solutions for clients.

7. Building and Facility Assessments:

Janitorial cleaning companies can leverage their expertise in building maintenance to offer assessments and recommendations for clients regarding the potential benefits of window tinting and architectural surface finishes. They can identify areas where these solutions can improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, enhance privacy, or add aesthetic value.

By incorporating window tinting and architectural surface finishes into their service offerings, janitorial cleaning companies can diversify their business, attract new clients, and provide comprehensive solutions that go beyond basic cleaning services. However, it’s crucial to invest in the necessary training, equipment, and partnerships to ensure the delivery of high-quality installations and finishes.

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