Why Your Customers Will Love Perforated Window Film

Exterior of a commercial building with lots of opportunity for perforated window film.

As a CoolVu franchisee, you can offer perforated window film to your clients so they can enhance their commercial space.

What is so great about this product? These films are completely customizable.

CoolVu has the capability to take any photograph, logo, or image file and convert it to printable film. From there, you simply apply it to any wall or glass surface.

Furthermore, your customers will love this product because it:

Adds Privacy

CoolVu manufactures perforated window film products that allow for one-way vision from the interior of any business. Perfect for retail stores or other businesses still in the construction phase, use our perforated window film products to maintain the mystery of what their in-store experience will be until opening day. You can also apply these films to glass lobbies or conference rooms to give an eye-catching splash of color on one side without compromising highly sought-after privacy on the other.

Simultaneously Offers UV Protection and Natural Light 

Enable your clients to get the best of both worlds with UV protection and natural light. The presence of these window films provides a tinting effect to mute-out intense UV rays. Although light still manages to filter in through the perforation, provide your customers with the option of optimizing natural light without the blinding, harsh glare.

Promotes Their Business

Perforated window film allows your customers to take advantage of prime advertising real estate while at the same time promoting their business. Most storefront windows are used to encourage customers to be drawn into their store. However, this approach does not work for every business. By using customized window films on the exterior of their business allows them to:

  • Build anticipation for businesses that are coming soon
  • Maintain privacy for businesses that are not retail such a dental office or bank
  • Showcase their products, logo, and overall brand with an eye-catching design

Discover for yourself all of the products you can offer your clients as a member of the CoolVu Franchise family. Visit our website to learn more!

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